Friday, July 11, 2008

Have Knives And Learning How To Use Them

So what does a chef in training look like?

Don't I just look snappy? We don't wear toques at school. Chef Francois prefers the neckerchief instead. Tying the blasted thing is a learning experience. Like a tie but either with the tails hanging down or tucked in.

It's been an exciting almost two weeks. Last Tuesday was orientation day so we met all the chefs and chef assistants, introduced ourselves to them, had an opening address by Chef Francois (owner of L'Academie de Cuisine), learned all the Do's and Dont's, had a buffet lunch, more discussion on the program, and then... PICKED UP OUR UNIFORMS, BOOKS AND KNIFE KITS! Had to run home and play with everything. =)

We've only been able to cook 4 of the 7 days we've had school so far. Beyond Orientation day, last Friday was a holiday, and yesterday and today were Sanitation training. I now know too much about the good and bad side of what could happen with one's food. *shiver* Finished today by taking an exam so we could get our sanitation certificates to prove when been trained.

I'll try to post weekly from here on in, more often as time allows. I'll be posting twice more to make up for those weekly posts.


E in MD said...

I'm a little confused. Why the hell would you want to wear a neck scarfy thing in the hot as balls kitchen?

Or is Chef Francoise just trying to torture the newbs?

TeAntae said...

The reason is supposed to be to keep the sweat from rolling down your neck and looking all nasty. Problem is, I'm sweating like nobody's business so all it does is freeze me when I have to go into either of the walk-ins. BRRRR!